Who is Michael Lott?

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Michael’s Life & Educational Credentials

  • Lifelong highly sensitive & empath person.  I have spent my entire 44 years to date on the planet learning, sharing, exploring and discovering what it means to be a sensitive person, how to heal trauma, and how to live with this gift that can feel like a burden.  
  • Grew up in a family 4th generation that studied & practiced spiritual, mental & metaphysical healing.  Have spent my entire life studying practical methods on how to work with the mind to live an empowered, self-examined, and a continuous deepening of self-awareness in life.
  • I had a passion for transportation and audio when I was a child.  I loved to take things apart and see how they worked.  This landed me into getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering.
  • I worked in vehicle development for various major automotive companies in the field of testing, noise & vibration,  and improving the sound quality of vehicles for about 7 years.
  • Following a major life shift and calling of the heart I permanently left this career in March 2007 to embark on my other childhood calling of opening up to my inner healer and launching a career in intuitive based coaching, energy healing and working with and continuing my study and practice of working with the more subtle vibrations in people vs. cars. 
  • Consulting work with family General Construction Business (Accounting and systems development) 2011-2020
  • Advocate and practitioner of art and movement therapy for all people but specifically HSP.
  • Co-owner/Founder of Aravinda Healing Center in 2009
  • Media/Broadcast Experience
  • Lighten Up Talk Radio Podcast Series Co-host (85 episodes - Prerecorded)
  • Lifeline Web TV Show (Live):  (20 episode series)
  • Exploring the Full Spectrum Life Radio (Live & Call-in): (14 Episode Series)
  • Lots of social media live streaming and recording of different kinds of classes and talks.
  • Co-Pastor of Illuminated Spirit Community (2016-2017).  Live video dharma talks in community and live streamed to our community channel.
  • Founder of Knoxville Kundalini Yoga Center 2018
  • Intuitive based life coaching and related classes and workshops with sensitives since 2007 including 25 graduates of 2 years of the Angelic Mediumship Mentorship Certification program.  Thousands of hours of private sessions, classes and mentoring sessions.
  • Taught weekly Kundalini yoga & meditation classes since March 2016.  Practiced yoga for 20+years.
  • Lifelong student and always a beginner at something.  Loves to keep the beginner mind fully alive.


Michael's Philosophy

Through Michael’s own life experience, he strongly believes that we are spiritual beings having a human experience (all life...plants, animals, humans, all life forms on earth and beyond  earth).  In the fullness of our individual beings and collective being we have the capacity to experience many different dimensions to this human life from the very basic instincts of sexuality, physicality, touch and senses to the higher frequencies of pleasure through connection with our inner being and other beings/community and into the many dimensions of mental, subtle and spiritual realms of existence and thought.connection beyond physical/tangible life.  Michael has studied, experienced, and professionally shared this multidimensional approach to living and exploring life as a multi-dimensional being for many years.  

As an empath and highly sensitive person you have a unique openness and connection to dimensions that the average person isn’t aware of.  Some of us developed or opened this sensitivity to higher frequencies of awareness through trauma and intense life experiences while others just seem to naturally be more this way.  It is through this openness that I believe empaths and highly sensitive people are on the planet to help the planet evolve into its next level of love, empathy, unity and connection with all of the multi dimensions of life.  Some of us come into this human experience as empaths and highly sensitive as I speak here and others have awakenings along their journey which open them to these other dimensions.  It is my vision and intention to empower this expanding awareness in people so that the world may evolve into a more loving and unified place.  As empaths and highly sensitive people we must learn to deeply love ourselves through self compassion so as to not take the world on our shoulders.  We must learn to nurture ourselves first so we can live our light through embodied and empowered action and creative expression.  On the journey of empowerment we must heal and transform our own wounds/traumas first.  Then we can then go out into the world and shine our lights and sensitive spirits to help others connect to their own sensitivity, heal their own wounds and to collectively awaken to our own “self”-sensory system or full spectrum intuitive guidance system that utilizes all aspects of our emotional (human/animal/instinctual- “gut”) and (mental/though/visual based higher intuition- 3rd eye) together for healing and connection to the heart of Soul in all situations.

Accreditations & Certifications

I have received many different certifications and taken many in-depth programs and used these tools on my own journey as well as my professional practice.

    • Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner
    • Certified Medium
    • Certified Reiki Master
    • Certified - The Reconnection L2 
    • Certified Kundalini Yoga - 200hr (working on 500hr)
    • Certified Q-Gong (Supreme Science Center) L1&2
    • Emotional Liberation (deep dive 9 month journey into understanding emotion) program with mentor GuruMeher.  Program completes late 2020
    • Various Men’s Sacred Intimacy workshops with community mentors.
    • Kirtan Leader Institute with Mike Cohen - L 1&2 Training followed by 1 yr of working as co-lead in a Kirtan band to develop my skills.

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